Keep track of your bundle size

A good web app is a small app. Bundlyzer helps you monitor the size of your bundle,
track the source of your size increases, get recommendations, and more !

All-in-one bundle analysis tool

Monitor the evolution of your bundle

Keep track of the evolution of your webapp size, commit by commit.

Bundlyzer gives you the total size of your main bundle and its dynamic imports.

Find the biggest dependencies

Get an in-depth analysis of your bundle dependencies. You can find out what takes the most bytes in your bundle in seconds.

Compare your commits

Estimate the impact on your bundle for the new features better than Bundlephobia could.

Bundlyzer shows you exactly what files have been added, removed, or modified via tree-shaking.

Built for CD/CI

Send a build status to your repository,

Get notification in Slack,

Send your analysis directly in your CD/CI pipeline,

And much more !

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